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History of Sterilization Packaging

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Sterilization packaging of medical devices belongs to a new field of development. It can be said that it belongs to a new industry all over the world, and it is still in the process of accumulating and summarizing. The development in China is especially slow. In 2005 or so, we began to understand the packaging bags of medical devices, and gradually integrated with the international sterilization packaging of medical devices. In 2007, more attention was paid to it in China. The definition of sterilization packaging of medical devices should be understood as: for packaging medical devices, sterilization can be carried out, sterilization operation (such as clean opening) can be carried out, acceptable microbial barrier performance can be provided, products can be protected before and after sterilization, and after sterilization can be maintained within a certain period of time (marked validity period) within the system. Packaging system in aseptic environment. Because this concept usually does not include external protective packaging systems (cushion packaging and assembly packaging, etc.), sterile packaging systems for medical devices can also be called "sterile barrier system".